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Yukon Wilderness Adventures:  Tombstone Mountains Fall Colours
Cabin Fever Adventures
offers year-round wilderness adventure vacations in Alaska, the Yukon, Northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories region of Canada. Our wide-selections of wilderness adventure tours includes, Yukon wilderness river canoe trips, mountain hiking tours, world-class fishing vacations, coastal and fresh-water kayaking trips, photography workshops, winter aurora borealis viewing tours and so much more.

We have an impressive team of top-notch professional wilderness guides with a wide range of skills who are capable of delivering the regions most sophisticated outdoor adventures. If you don’t find the wilderness adventure trip that suits your desires perfectly, just let us know, because creating custom one-of-a-kind wilderness adventures for individuals, groups or families, is one of our most-widely recognized abilities. We are the team of trained professionals who can create and safely deliver the one-in-a-lifetime adventure you have been dreaming of.

Cabin Fever Adventures is an award-winning industry leader at decreasing environmental impacts, not just in the wilderness areas we travel through, but globally through our ethical business decisions. We offer a predominately organic food menu, purchase carbon offsets for our transportation emissions and are mandated to donate to grass-roots environmental agencies due to our voluntary participation in the 1% for the planet program. Compare us to the others and you will see the difference between tangible action and green rhetoric. If you would like to see the stunning beauty of the Yukon, Alaska, British Columbia or the Northwest Territories, while treading lightly on the planet, than Cabin Fever Adventures is for you!


Yukon Custom  Yukon Alaska Wilderness Adventure Trips & Vacations Tours

Yukon Custom Trips | Alaska | Adventures

Cabin Fever Adventures would be happy to organize a comprehensive Yukon or Alaska experience for you, from creating unique one-of-a-kind wilderness trips, to arranging your hotels, RV rentals and more. Let us be your one-stop-shop for a Yukon or Alaska vacation.
Canoeing - Hiking - Mountain Biking - Fishing - Rafting - Kayaking - Photography - Birding - Dogsledding - Snowshoeing and more!

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Yukon Yukon Canoe Trips Wilderness Adventures

Yukon Canoe Trips | Canadian Wilderness | Rafting

The Yukon has many of the finest wilderness adventure canoeing river trips in the world. It has everything from the grandeur of the broad Yukon River valley with its easy carefree canoe trips to the challenging whitewater rapids and spectacular wilderness mountain scenery of the Snake, Wind and Mountain Rivers. From the Big Salmon River to the Hess we have a wilderness canoe trip in the Yukon suitable for every skill level, budget or schedule. Raft or Paddle the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories!

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Yukon Yukon Hiking Trekking Trips & Tours and Vacations

Yukon Hiking Trips | Trekking Tours

Yukon hiking trips are the best off-trail backpacking and hiking trips in Canada, bar none. Our destinations included Kluane National Park, The Tombstones Mountain Range, the Chilkoot Trail and many more. To claim that the Yukon has some of the the finest wilderness hiking trips in the world is a bold statement, but we dare you to come to the “land of the midnight sun” and see for yourself why the Yukon can make such a claim. Yukon wilderness trekking adventures are still truly wild and it is not hard to find a week’s worth of mountain terrain in the Yukon where you won’t see another soul, except those in your backpacking party.

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Yukon Yukon Day Trips Winter & Summer

Yukon Day Trips : Summer & Winter

Whitehorse, the Yukon's capital city, is a nice place to visit, but to experience the Yukon's true beauty you have to explore the wilderness. Cabin Fever Adventures has an extensive selection of Yukon day trips adventures which are shorter versions of our wilderness vacations. If you don't have time to spend a week in the wilds, but still want to get a taste of the great outdoors, check out our day-trips selection.
Canoeing - hiking- biking- rafting - fishing - snowshoeing and more!

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Yukon Yukon Mountain Biking Bike

Yukon Mountain Biking Trips | Single Track

We offer guided SINGLE TRACK mountain biking trips on the famous Mountain Hero Trail on Montana Mountain in Carcross Yukon. We also offer 4X4 Unimog SHUTTLE SERVICES on Montana Mountain, in Carcross.  Our single track riding on Montana Mountain travels across the most adrenaline-packed riding terrain in the Yukon. The Mountain Hero Trail was recently designated as and "Epic" ride by the International Mountain Biking Association.   We can also include riding on the excellent trail network around the Yukon's capital city, Whitehorse.

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Yukon Alaska | Yukon Sea Kayaking Trip Northern BC

Alaska | Yukon Sea Kayaking Trips | Tours

Yukon sea kayaking adventures abound in the Southern Lakes District of the Yukon, a relatively unknown kayaking gem with no less than eight large, mountain-lined lakes that provide amazing kayak trips. These Yukon fresh-water lakes have the immense feel of ocean sea kayaking, yet have the benefits of a fresh-water environment.  Glacier viewing and alpine hiking are easily accessed from several of Yukon's kayak routes providing a truly first-rate kayak adventure.  Our Point Adolphus sea kayaking trip in Southeast Alaska has the finest whale watching available in all of Alaska. Don't miss it!

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Yukon Yukon Fishing Trip Tour Vacation

Yukon Fishing Trips | Vacations | Holiday

Yukon fishing trips provide some of Northern Canada’s finest fishing vacation opportunities with more than ten species of sport-fish to pursue in the vast wilderness of the Yukon: a territory that experiences very little fishing pressure. In this "land of the midnight sun" there are still lakes that have never been fished and surprises are around every bend in the river. Combine your fantastic Yukon fishing trip with the finest mountain wilderness scenery in Canada and you have all the reasons you need to make the Yukon your next fishing trip vacation destination.

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Yukon Yukon And Alaska Family Vacations

Yukon Family Vacations | Trips | Tours

We are well-prepared to create an Alaskan or Yukon family wilderness vaction. We have specialized equipment to make your adventure family trip run smoothly, such as numerous large, high quality tents that are roomy enough to stand-up in that allow families to camp together. We also have high-volume, stable canoes, rafts, tandem kayaks and voyageur canoes that make traveling with smaller children safer. When we combine our highly talented staff with the right equipment selection and route knowledge, we have a winning formula for family vacations in the Yukon and Alaska.

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Yukon Yukon Custom Canoe Trips Northern Canada

Yukon Custom Canoe Trips | Canada

We love to create custom Yukon canoe trips for our clients. We are able to provide a custom Yukon canoe trip on almost any river in the Yukon and have the best information and knowledge.  Cabin Fever Adventures can create a custom river trip experience for your canoeing party on any of the rivers listed and for varying lengths of time to fit your schedule. We also have a full range of support services including canoe rentals, transportation, food provisioning and re-rationing.

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Yukon Alaska Yukon Multi-Activity Trip Tour

Yukon Multi-Activity Adventure Trips

Are you like us and enjoy doing many types of activities in the wilderness? If you are, than you’ve come to the right place. Cabin Fever Adventures is skilled in the following disciplines; river canoe trips, rafting trips, sea kayaking expeditions, backpacking trips, mountain biking and fishing trips. All the pictures you see on this web-site come from our own tours. ( No purchased stock images here! ) Please take a look at our pre-scheduled multi-activity trip offerings or visit our Yukon & Alaska custom trips section to consider your custom multi-activity trip possibilities.

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Yukon Alaska Yukon Cycling Tours

Alaska | Yukon Cycling Tour

The Yukon, situated in northwest Canada, has the best highway system north of the 60th parallel, with paved surfaces, spectacular mountain scenery, excellent camping opportunities and amazing day activities. It is a road-touring dream if combined with the right support crew. Cabin Fever Adventures provides the following world-class cycling loop for your enjoyment and please check out our partnership product delivered in partnership with Cycle Canada, called the Tour Arctic, highlighted in our slide show.

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Yukon Alaska Yukon Photography Workshop Tours Vacations

Alaska & Yukon Photography Workshops

Our Yukon photography vacations allow  you to capture scenic mountains, wild rivers, bears eagles and more! The warm light lasts many hours during the northern summer and with the spectacular mountains, tundra, and river scenery that the Yukon and Alaska is famous for and you have all the ingredients of a world-class photography tour. Our photography vacations / workshops are instructed by Robert Postma, a full-time Yukoner and professional wilderness photographer of great skill and local expertise. Photograph amazing landscapes, wildlife and more in the pristine wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska.

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Yukon Yukon Birding Trips Tours Vacation

Yukon Birding Tour | Trip

This trip-of-a-lifetime Yukon birding tour takes us through some of the most spectacular birding terrain of the Western Arctic. From Dawson City, Yukon, we travel the famous Dempster Highway: through Tombstone Territorial Park, crossing the Arctic Circle, the Richardson Mountains, and the Mackenzie River Delta in the North West Territories and birding as we travel. From Inuvik we fly to Herschel Island Territorial Park, located 5 km off the northern coast of the Yukon in the Beaufort Sea and view the many breeding species that come here to take advantage of the explosion of life in the short summer of endless light!


Yukon Yukon Boat Tours Trips Vacation

Yukon Boat Tours | Trips | Cruises

Want to explore the Yukon River or the stunning beauty of the Yukon's Southern Lakes District, by boat without having to leave all the creature comforts behind?  The Yukon La Barge is a custom-built, 26-foot flat-bottomed barge which is ideal for supporting group sizes of up to six people on custom Yukon boat tour camping trips. The Yukon River and Southern Lakes district is ideal terrain for our boating adventures.  This vessel has full head room and the carrying capacity to bring large tents, sleeping cots, and portable shower system along on our wilderness journeys to create comfortable wilderness camps.
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Yukon Yukon 4x4 Tours Off Road Mountain Jeep Alaska

Yukon 4x4 Tours | Off-Road Trips | Unimog

This is the Yukon 4x4 tour with the most off-road mountain excitement! Our exploration of Montana Mountain climbs over 3000 feet ( 910 meters) from downtown Carcross into the alpine.  Our adventure included stops at historic silver mining sites on the mountain as we travel the rugged 4X4 trails in our Mercedes-Benz off-road Unimog vehicle, a vehicle world-reknown for its off-roadd 4x4 abilities. A full picnic lunch in the splendid scenery of the alpine is included in the tour. No car to get to Carcross?.......don't worry because we have a shuttle service. 

Yukon Yukon Heli-Hiking Day Trip

Yukon Heli Hiking Tours | Trips

Want to explore Our Yukon heli hiking tours day trips and tours can be arranged to visit the finest locations in the Yukon, such as the Tombstone Mountains, Kluane National Park, the Coastal Mountains of the Yukon and British Columbia as well as Atlin Provincial Park. The helicopter allows us to access terrain that would otherwise take many days to arrive to so that we can enjoy our Yukon hiking experience in world-class terrain each day before 10 am. We can visit the famous glaciers of the region and land upon them with you expert wilderness guides who know the techniques for safe travel on this terrain. Truly a Yukon wilderness adventure of a life-time!
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Yukon Yukon Canoe Rentals

Yukon Canoe Rentals | Camping Gear

Yukon canoe rentals, camping gear and so much more! What we specialize in are the hard to find rentals items. Because our company does so many unique one-of-a-kind wilderness trips, we have invested in on of the Yukon’s widest selection of adventure gear. Can’t find what you need at the others……we just might have it. Inflatable canoes, skin-on-frame canoes, catarafts, specialized tents and cooking gear suitable for large groups in the backcountry, voyageur canoes, motor boats……we have it all!

Yukon Yukon cabin rentals

Yukon Cabin Rentals | Wilderness Retreat

A Yukon cabin rental on the shores of a secluded lake provides the wilderness solitude you've been looking for with a touch of comfort.  We have a larger and smaller cabin rental to choose from. Cabin rentals include use of a canoe to paddle on the lake.    Paddle, hike, fish, snowshoe or ski all from your cabin!
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Yukon Yukon Boat rentals

Yukon Motor Boat Rentals

We have 17-foot and 14-foot models of mercury quicksilver inflatable boats to rent. There is no need to trailer the boats, they can be used directly from Nares River which is just 50 meters from our adventure shop, although for an additional fee you can rent a trailer to go farther a -field.  Nares Lake, Bennett Lake and Tagish Lake are all accessible from the river. No car to get to Carcross?.......don't worry because we have a shuttle service.  Truly your most convenient and scenic location for a Yukon motor boat rental.

Yukon Yukon Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis Viewing Tour

Yukon Aurora Borealis | Northern Lights Viewing

We offer a truly unique Yukon aurora borealis viewing ( northern lights) experience in the Yukon’s spectacular wilderness that is a much more authentic Yukon travel experience. Come stay in a cozy wood-heated Yukon wilderness cabin on the shore of a secluded wilderness lake with your own private wilderness guide.   Enjoy a complete fall, winter or spring Yukon experience with quality additional activities. The northern lights do not always appear and sometimes the weather does not cooperate to give us clear skies. So, our aurora viewing experience is designed to be a first-rate Yukon experience, regardless of whether or not we see the shimmering dance of the northern lights! 


Yukon Winter/Spring Yukon Trips Tours Vacations

Yukon Winter Trips | Tours | Spring & Fall

Late winter and early spring is one of the nicest times to visit the Yukon. The days have already grown long again and the sense that summer is just around the corner fills the land with excitement. Cabin Fever Adventures loves this time of year, and with the right equipment and expertise knows that clients who take a walk on the wild side with our Yukon snowshoeing and spring mountain trekking trips will be amazed at just how wonderful the combination of spring sun, mild temperatures and world-class scenery really is. Experience the Yukon in a way that usually is reserved for the locals!  Also check out our custom dog sledding trips.

Alaska Yukon Dog Sledding Trips and Mushing Expedition Adventures Canada

Alaska/Yukon Dog Sledding Trips

Cabin Fever Adventures has the most complete line-up of authentic mushing expeditions and tours in Northern Canada. We believe in providing engaging experiences and so all of our dog sledding experiences are designed with the discerning adventure-oriented client in mind. Our expeditions are truly throw-backs to the days of old when high adventure was the defining aspect of travel by dog team.